Klinik Mehlsen

Possible side-effects to HPV-vaccination

Vaccination against human papilloma virus (HPV) is primarily given to prevent changes in the epithelial cells of cervix - so called dysplasia - as such changes my lead to cervical cancer. While 60-80 % of all females becomes infected with HPV, the life time risk of cervical cancer is approximately 1 %. HPV vaccination also prevents genital warts (condylomas). A number of vaccinees have experienced symptoms that have occurred after vaccination and have caused significant disability in everyday life - sometimes with severe disability.

Symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep quality, headache / migraine, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, hyperactive bladder function, difficulty in concentrating and memory, as well as sometimes skin changes, hot flushes and menstrual disturbances. We have found - in the majority of the previously tested - antibodies directed to parts of the nervous system. Similar antibodies have been found by other research groups in CFS/ME and POTS and the three states have much in common. Our treatment is primarily directed at blocking the antibodies and their consequences.

Not everyone has all the symptoms, but most have the majority of the symptoms during the course of their disease. Many patients get better over time and through the use of symptomatic treatment, but some remain highly disabled, bedridden and dependent on the help of others.

The purpose of a consultation at our clinic is to examine the possible background for symptoms, derive a proper diagnosis, and provide appropriate treatment for possible recovery.

We use medical treatment, with careful rehabilitation - predominantly in a lying position, as well as dietary advice and dietary supplements. We also give advice as to how the daily activities can be mastered.

First consultation is expected to last up to 1½ hours. There may be further studies for heart rate and blood pressure monitoring and subsequent medical treatment. Following visits are expected to last approx. ½ hour and can be done using an encrypted SKYPE connectioon